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Discover Holistic Practitioners

Carole Kramer Arsenault

RN, MSN, CEO, Author

As a labor and delivery nurse and parent educator working in Boston, I interacted with many families and saw that there was a need for top-notch newborn care. I founded Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny over a decade ago to support new and expecting parents.

Helen Hansen


I am a kinesiologist specialising in meridian therapy, archetypal psychology and mind-body healthcare.

Britt Hutchison

End-of-Life education & planning, Grief Coaching, End-of-Life Animal Care

Living in a society that shies away from the topics of death and grief makes for a difficult journey through these experiences, but death can initiate the most profound aspects of life ...

Gabrielle Mancuso

Afterlife Integrative Psychologist, PhD,, MpsyD, CCHt, NLPp, CI, HBc

In addition to my holistic therapy practice, I
specializatize in energy psychology, spiritual integration, and spiritual DNA activation. I have exceeded the educational requirements of even the most demanding medical
associations of which I belong.

Katinka Stienen

Intuitive counselling
Energy readings
Meditation training (mindfulness and other forms)

Consciousness is the key to everything. Through development in consciousness you will see possibilities and experience freedom of choice.

Elizabeth Burnworth

Speech-Language Pathologist, MSP, CCC-SLP
Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Practitioner
Spiritual and Transformational Coach

I'm so glad you're here! I came to the planet to help humans transform fears and frustrations into JOY and FREEDOM. I know what it's like to feel anxious, stuck in crappy patterns and overwhelmed. My passion for problem solving has led me on a journey to turn FEAR into FREEDOM and JACKED UP JUJU into JOY.

Maria Brenza

Registered Nurse and a Reiki Master

Hi, I am Marie Brenza. I am a registered nurse and Reiki master practitioner. For over a decade, I have worked as a registered nurse in various aspects of healthcare. Over the last 5 years, I have focused more on energy healing, intuitive healing, mindset shifting, and spiritual awakening and transformation.

Mary McGillivray

Licensed Biofield Practitioner & Instructor

The term 'biofield' refers to the electromagnetic field that our body naturally emits. Anything electrical puts out a magnetic field. This energy bubble around us holds our memories.

Dr. Gabriella Kőrösi

Master degree in Nursing PhD in Public Health

I am many things packaged into one. I am an author, a writer, a blogger, a nurse, a volunteer, and a public health professional. I love to create positive and meaningful connections, cook and bake, create herbal teas and remedies, garden, and love nature and animals.

Kevin Quiles

M.Div., M.A., LPC, RYT-200

Like opening a book on mystery, the pages you're about to turn to contain an underlying message that the human experience is as expansive as the universe. But there's also a down side to human experience that you will learn about as you read. Let me explain...

Susie Herrick


Susie Herrick MFT is a licensed psychotherapist, enneagram teacher, former academic department chair and professor, certified mediator, trainer, consultant, and author. She has taught, coached, and mentored over two thousand graduate students in counseling psychology.

Kim Sharp

Comprehensive Energy Psychology

I worked in finance for 10+ years and have a degree in economics, giving me insight into corporate life and the stressful, competitive world of business. I have a fascination with theology and spirituality that is rivaled only by my love for science. And I’m a musician, having studied and played music since my middle school years.

Even the modalities I use to treat my clients vary widely—from the fairly traditional Dialectical Behavior Therapy to the more cutting-edge, eclectic forms of Energy Psychology.

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