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Britt Hutchison

End-of-Life education & planning, Grief Coaching, End-of-Life Animal Care






Finding beauty and meaning in death has shifted my perspective on life greatly, allowing me to heal in ways I never thought possible.
It is a privilege that few are granted to die and to grieve peacefully. Sometimes simply being prepared can help to create a more peaceful end-of-life experience. Take an opportunity to prepare for your own unique farewell with guidance from your community Death Doula.

• Douglas College Certification: Professional End-of-Life Doula
• Arula Arthur, Going with Grace: Intro to Holistic Modalities & End-of-Life Care
• Maren Muter/Ontology Today: Personal Mediumship
• Narinder Bazen & Emerald Awakenings: Death Education, Teaching in Your Community
• Inviting Abundance: Grief Immersion for Death Workers
• Dying with Dignity Canada: Ten Things to Know about MAID Canada
• Death Wives Collective: Intro to Death Doula / Plan Your Own Funeral/Ceremony & Ritual
• Virya, The Ontario school of universal energy: End-of-Life Animal Care
• Conestoga College: Dietetic Technician Diploma, specializing in elderly care

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