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Gabrielle Mancuso

Afterlife Integrative Psychologist, PhD,, MpsyD, CCHt, NLPp, CI, HBc

I offer my patients a whole new experience in Clinical HypnoPsychology®. I
believe when “our” work is complete, every person feels uplifted, illuminated and
inspired. They have direction, perhaps for some, the first time, a more inspired
goal for their future happiness and well being. I am of the opinion that like most

psychologists and psychiatrists most non-trauma issues are due to a painful
emotional event or events in ones history. Either created by themselves or others
in their past. Therefore with my guided help each patient begins to address and
rid themselves of these painful memories allowing control over her/his own
healing or fate. I work mainly with patients with terminal illnesses. Helping them
become less afraid of what’s to come. In addition, I assist those who have had,
NDE’s or OB’s to integrate back into their daily lives.

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