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Helen Hansen




081 715 9490



I am a kinesiologist specialising in meridian therapy, archetypal psychology and mind-body healthcare. Kinesiology uses muscle testing to assess levels of disturbance in the physiology and psychology of the individual. Kinesiology also uses muscle testing to confirm modes for revitalising and restoring wellbeing. Since childhood I have been intrigued by how life works, from the life in our cells, to our worldly interaction as well as the stories in our head. Needless to say one of my archetypes is the researcher. I have been working/playing with mind-body healing and development for twenty five years. My own journey of healing through years of fibromyalgia (which completed ten years ago), alongside the healing journey of thousands of clients served me to continue on this path of discovery, awareness and application. For what good is knowledge when it is not applied?

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