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Katinka Stienen

Intuitive counselling
Energy readings
Meditation training (mindfulness and other forms)






Katinka has extensive experience as a psychologist and manager in healthcare. She is a registered healthcare psychologist and psychotherapist and has undergone extensive training and education in the development of consciousness.
With Sorera, Katinka brings together her knowledge of these different areas. She has developed a new way of working in which conscious (self-)management plays a central role.

“I am captivated by the infinity of what is possible in existence. The more I am aware of this, the more beautiful I find life.
We live in a special time in which connection with each other and being connected to the reality of existence is becoming increasingly important. By consciously being in this connection, possibilities become visible.
This way, people and organizations can often develop further than they had imagined.” ~Katinka

Katinka is a passionate woman who focuses with love on guiding people and teams.
Her enthusiasm and humor are reflected in the interaction. Yet she also has a no-nonsense style and Katinka is direct in her communication about what she observes.

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