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Maria Brenza

Registered Nurse and a Reiki Master





Throughout the time I spent working on self-healing, it brought up a ton of difficult memories, ancestral karma, deep unhealed wounds, and a various mixture of difficult emotions. It was frightening to face these damaged parts of my soul, and to bring so much pain back to the surface. Sexual abuse, secrets, manipulation, rejection- so much negativity and feelings of despair. I realized I had so much unresolved trauma from my past that was never healed.

This led me to spend much of my time working on healing all the parts of my life I had neglected for so long. I went from feeling insecure, unworthy, disrespected, and stuck to feeling confident, balanced, hopeful and appreciated. By going deep and healing the empath within, a beautiful soul transformation took place.

During this process, I was lucky to have been supported and encouraged by my wonderful husband and son, and my two adorable dogs. Together, we are a strong unit and have a deep connection. During my free time, I enjoy painting, long walks in nature, and connecting with nature and the Universe. I also have a connection with the special needs and disabled population, and enjoy giving my time and talents to serve this community.

Without my near death experience, I would never have dreamed of creating this inner healing website to share with all of you. My goal is to be your online cheerleader who keeps your secrets, gives you good advice, and helps you realize your inner worth. After reading the blog posts, my hope is you can identify your own strengths and confidence so you too can transform the future of your life. I hope you will allow me to walk with you on your journey to self-healing because I want to help guide you to all of the positive feelings you can experience in your life each day. I want to help you understand how important you are, and how much you are needed in this life! It is possible to Grow From Trauma: to acknowledge those experiences, release them, bury them to let them go, then watch them bloom into a whole new life full of joy and contentment.

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